FWLD - Working for Non-Discrimination and Equality

Discussion Program On Citizenship With Concerned Stakeholders

FWLD and National Women Commission (NWC) jointly organized a “Discussion Program between the concerned stakeholders and Citizenship Affected Network ” on December 30; 2019. The program was chaired by Honorable Anup Raj Sharma the Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC). Mr. Deependra Kafle and Mr. Umakantha Adhilkari the Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) attended the program as Special Guest. While Mr. Bhagirath Pandeya (CDO, Lalitpur), Mrs. Humakala Pandey (CDO, Bhaktapur), Mr. Gaulochan Sainju (Asst. CDO, KTM) and Mrs. Dipti Gurung (the president of Citizenship Affected People’s Network) attended the conference as guests. The program was attended by a total number of 102 participants that included government officials, media persons, people affected by citizenship, civil society, and members from Citizenship Affected People’s Network. Mr. Deependra Kafle the Secretary of National Women Commission (NCW) presented on “Problems related to citizenship and way forward.” The people affected by citizenship shared their grief and procedural hurdles with the concerned stakeholders .