FWLD - Working for Non-Discrimination and Equality

Community outreach Program

On the occasion of 16 Days Campaign on Violence against Women, FWLD successfully conducted 40 community outreach programs in 4 Districts (Banke, Makwanpur, Morang and Nawalparasi) on the topic “Laws against Gender Based Violence in the new Criminal Code”. 10 Community outreach programs in each districts. Rural areas of the 4 districts were identified and the community outreach programs were conducted. The Areas which was identified and the program is as follows: Banke: Nepalgunj Municipality, Janaki Rural Municipality – Golapur, Baijanath Rural Municipality – Chisapani, Baijanath Rural Municiaplity – Titihatiya, Janaki Rural Municipality – Bilbhaar, Duduwa Rural Municipality, Nesapur Rural Municipality, Kohalpur Municipality, Khajura Rural Municipality and Rapti Sunauri Rural Municipality. Nawalparasi: Ramgram Municipality, Ramgram Municipality – 13, Sunuwal Municipality – 7. Sunuwal Municipality – 12, Bardaghat Municipality, Bardaghat Municipality – 12, Pahlinanda Rural Municipality, Sarawal Rural Municipality, Pratappur Rural Municipality and Susta Rural Municipality Morang: Budiganga rural Municipality, Dhanpal Rural Municipality, Gramthan Rural Municipality, Jahada Rural Municipality, Katyari Rural Municipality, Belbaari Rural Municipality, Biratnagar 1 and 2, Biratnagar 3 and 4, Biratnagar 5 and 6, Biratnagar 7 and 8. Makwanpur: Bagmati Rural Municipality, Badaiya Rural Municipality, Gadhi Rural Municipality, Hetauda Sub-Metropolitan, Bhimfedi Rural Municipality, Thaha Municipality, Indra Garobar Municipality, Manahari Municipality, Kailash Rural Municipality and Ramdirang Rural Municipality.