FWLD - Working for Non-Discrimination and Equality

Community and District Level Dialogues in Dang

FWLD and International Alert in collaboration with the District TJ Network Dang conducted a Community Dialogue on “Perception of the Community towards the Conflict Victims” on 2nd April, 2019 at Rampur Bhattetar, Ghorahi Sub-metropolitan- 2 where 20 participants including representatives of Community Development Committee and Community Forest Consumer’s Committee, Teachers and Conflict Victims were presented. Similarly, a District Level Dialogue was held on “Current Situation of Injured Conflict Victims and the Role of the Stakeholders in Addressing their Needs” on 3rd April, 2019 at Ghorahi Sub-metropolitan -15, Dang. 24 participants consisting Ward Presidents, other ward representatives and families of injured conflict victims were presented.