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Call for Proposal : Creation of Documentary on 25-year journey of Safe Abortion Issue

March 15, 2024

Forum for Women, Law, and Development (FWLD) calls for proposals from production houses, firms, companies, and non-governmental media development organizations to create a documentary focusing on 25-year journey of Safe Abortion. The Constitution of Nepal guarantees fundamental rights, including the right to a safe abortion, access to essential services, the ability to exercise civil and political rights, and full societal participation. The purpose of this documentary is to increase public awareness and sensitization about safe abortion, as well as to document the actions and strategies used, the movement that is currently operating, and the difficulties and problems encountered in securing the right to a safe abortion in Nepal.

The documentary would also serve as a reference and source of inspiration for those working in this field in Nepal to advance safe abortion rights during the phase of implementation, as well as for those in other nations currently grappling with the criminalization of the practice. This documentary will support individuals seeking abortion services, as well as the providers of such services. It will also motivate civil society organizations (CSOs) to continue pushing for safe abortion rights and assist CSOs in other nations in doing the same.

Scope of Work:

The goal of the documentary is to present excellent practices by highlighting instances that have significantly impacted Nepal’s legal rights to safe abortion. The information in this documentary will address the efforts that we have been doing on areas pertaining to safe abortion for the past 25 years. The language used to create the documentary will be Nepali.


  • Must be legally constituted and registered under Nepalese law.
  • Must be registered for VAT.
  • Prior experience in creating documentary videos or similar work.
  • Good understanding of social issues, especially those related to citizenship

Proposal Requirements:

  • Letter of Interest.
  • Brief overview of the proposed documentary.
  • Registration certificate under Nepalese law.
  • Tax clearance certificate up to at least 2079/80.
  • Proposed budget.
  • Prior work sample.


Kindly propose a budget scale that covers production, editing, and distribution as deemed appropriate.


FWLD will own the final product and retain all rights to use, edit, and distribute it as it sees fit.

Selection Process:

  • FWLD will review proposals and necessary documents to shortlist potential production houses/firms/companies/non-governmental media development organizations /service providers for interviews.
  • Shortlisted entities will be invited for an interview.
  • Successful entities will be chosen after the interview.

Application Deadline:

Submit proposals along with required documents in a sealed package to FWLD by 5th April 2024, at the following address:

Forum for Women, Law, and Development (FWLD)

72, Aadarsha Marg, Thapathali, Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone: 01-5333524, 5333525