FWLD - Working for Non-Discrimination and Equality

Call for Consultants

October 20, 2023

Given the significance of the citizenship certificate for various reasons, it is crucial to possess an accurate understanding of the number of Nepalese individuals who currently lack citizenship certificates. FWLD is actively looking for consultants to conduct a “Estimating Prevalence Study on the Acquisition of Citizenship Certificates in Nepal.”

1.     Demographic and Statistical Expert


Educational Qualification and Experience:

·         A master’s degree in Demography, Statistics, Population Studies, or a related field.

·         Proven expertise in demographic analysis, statistical modeling, and populations studies.

·         In-depth knowledge of demographic data collection methods and statistical analysis techniques.

·         Prior experience of practical experience in conducting demographic research and statistical analysis

·         Previous involvement in projects related to population estimation, prevalence studies, or demographic profiling.

·         Advance knowledge of demographic software and tools for data processing and analysis.

The key role of the Demographic and Statistical Expert involves analyzing demographic data, utilizing statistical methods to identify trends, and offering valuable insights. Additionally, s/he is responsible for designing and implementing research projects, ensuring data accuracy, and estimating the size of individuals without citizenship certificates on a district-wise basis.

2.     Content and Report Writing Expert

Educational Qualification and Experience:

·         Master’s degree in Sociology, Population Studies, English, or a related field.

·         Proficiency in content creation, report writing, and editing.

·         Strong understanding of research methodologies and the ability to translate complex information into clear, accessible language.

·         Previous experience in content and report writing, preferably in a research or academic setting.

·         Demonstrated ability to synthesize and communicate findings effectively through written documents.

·         Understanding of graphics and visualization tools for incorporating data into reports.

·         Familiarity with the subject matter or willingness to quickly acquire expertise.

The primary responsibility of the Content and Report Writing Expert is to articulate research findings coherently and crafting clear and concise report. This includes synthesizing complex information into accessible language, ensuring accuracy, and presenting findings in well-structured report of the study Estimating Prevalence on the Acquisition of Citizenship Certificates.

Consultants are required to submit an expression of interest (EoI) and a curriculum vita. Interested and eligible candidates are requested to send their applications by October 31, 2023, either in person at the FWLD’s office or via email at info@fwld.org or fwld2013@gmail.com, before 5:00 pm, Nepal Standard Time. Late submissions will not be considered. For further details, applicants can reach out to the provided email address or contact us at 977-1-5333525 | 1-5333524 | 1-5366415

Kindly note that remuneration details for the position will be discussed exclusively during the interview with shortlisted candidates.