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VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT for Development of Monitoring Framework of eCRVS

Expired Job

Forum for Women, Law and Development (FWLD) announces vacancy for the project Legal Measures for addressing Child Protection and Gender Based Violence under the program Developing Monitoring Framework of eCRVS. The details of vacancy are as follows:

Job Location: Kathmandu

Positions: 1

Published Date: 13th February, 2023

Job Description

Expert service to develop Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for Civil Registration and Vital Statistics

  1. Context

Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) system in Nepal records births, deaths, marriages, migration, divorce, and adoption. Vital statistics produced on the base of civil registration data are highly important and useful for planning socio-economic development programs at all levels. Further, detailed information captured in the CRVS along with underlining causes of death contribute understanding the health and population situation in the communities. Well-functioning and reliable CRVS systems are essential to national development, monitoring and evaluation system, development of effective public policies, and for organizations to plan and manage their operation and programs.

Reviews of the CRVS systems has identified the need to strengthen key CRVS processes spanning from event notification to vital statistics generation. Ministry of Home Affairs has developed CRVS strategy 2019 to guide for improving CRVS system in Nepal and has explained the issues and actions to be implemented to improve the system. CRVS business process review has also been carried out that has provided details of actions for addressing the bottlenecks and solutions to reform and improve the business process to reach out the objectives of CRVS coverage and data production.

Multi-agency coordination and collaboration is demanded in the strategy mainly, Ministry of Health and Population, National Statistics Office, all levels of government and governing entities and civil societies. Use of digital means have been contributing the CRVS development and there is big space for using for better CRVS.

CRVS Strategy has one of the scopes on strengthening the monitoring the CRVS system. The need of monitoring ranges from system ingredients like governance, institutional arrangement, human resource and capacity development to the data management, sharing and use at optimum level.

Service of subject expert is required to develop monitoring and evaluation framework for strengthening the CRVS in Nepal. This term of reference describes the scope of work, expected qualification of the expert and deliverables.

  1. Rationale

Outsourcing of functions is required to aid Department of NID and Civil Registration in accelerating CRVS coverage, quality and generating vital statistics. A robust monitoring and evaluation framework guide to monitor the progress in the system and evaluate the interventions. The framework developed by independent expert engaging the stakeholders could cover the several recommendations provided by global, regional and national agencies, resources and country context.

  1. Objective

The overall objective of the expert assignment is to develop a monitoring and evaluation framework that guide policy makers and agencies engaging in the managing and developing civil registration and vital statistics system in Nepal.

  1. Tasks

The expert should go through understanding the current situation of the CRVS and plan for the improvement as well as envision for better CRVS that encompass legal, administrative and information generation aspects. Following is the minimum task to be undertaken by the expert in the working period.

  1. Desk review of national documents and recommendations from global and regional agencies supporting CRVS system
  2. Adopt and develop the indicators related to CRVS system and data recommended by UN and other agencies, CRVS plans and local context considering the best international practices
  3. Consider SDGs, national plans and reporting obligation of CRVS
  4. Define the vital statistics required to produce for targeted users at different levels and make a plan including the data collection modality for sustainable production of vital statistics
  5. Analyze briefly the current situation of CR and VS
  6. Define the linkages among agencies and stakeholders in Nepal
  7. Prepare monitoring matrix with milestones and responsible stakeholders
  8. Develop evaluation plan for the system and interventions
  9. Define the monitoring mechanism at each level
  10. Support meetings, workshops, and potential field assessments as invited
  11. Work closely with DoNIDCR, NSO, MoHP, UN and other agencies in Nepal and CRVS focal point national agencies
  12. Propose a capacity-building plan to support the implementation of the M&E system
  13. Recommend implementation process of the M and E framework
  14. Deliverables

– Monitoring and evaluation framework for CRVS of Nepal

– Final report incorporating the scope of work mentioned in this ToR on completion of work

  1. Qualification and experience

– Master’s degree in Population, Statistics, Information Systems, Public administration, or a related field.

– Understand the principles and concepts of CRVS

– Familiar with Nepalese CRVS system, regional and global strategies, and SDGs

– Familiar to the Nepalese health management information systems

– Demonstrated capacity of working with government agencies and stakeholders

– Excellent interpersonal skills to interact with all levels of staff, and stakeholders

– Excellent writing capabilities in English and Nepali


  • Experience in using the modeling tools (Bizagi)
  • Experience of working on developing key performance indicators, system analysis, business process review and improvement plans
  1. Reporting

The expert should work in coordination with the Population Census Section, NSO and report to MoHP, DoNIDCR and UNICEF Nepal.

  1. Specification for Application monitoring tool
SN Attributes Description Remarks
1 Monitoring Should monitoring each activity of application,
Performance of individual web requests or transactions,
Usage and performance of all application dependencies like databases, web services, caching
2 Automatic diagnostics Should diagnosis Hangs, Queueing, Slowdowns, CPU, Memory, Crash
3 Performance analysis Should analyze threading, lock contention, page faults
4 Lightweight monitoring lightweight monitoring using standard Windows protocols
5 .NET Monitoring and Performance tuning Should provide Expert insight,
Should provide Deeper insight into IIS & ASP.NET performance,
Should find and fix errors across entire server stack,
Should provide suggestion for Tune memory usage and CPU usage,
Identify slow functions blocking requests, down to line of code.
6 Tracing Detail should provide full details stack traces, CPU trees, memory graphs, production debugging.
7 Data collection and analysis Should be able to collect and analyze IIS logs, Performance counters, ETW tracing, and WMI
8 Request logging Error request, URL details
9 Capability should perform Live code profiling
should perform Distributed tracing
should Create performance metrics to automate monitoring of business-critical services and applications.
should Find slow queries, bugs, inefficient code
should Consolidated monitoring of all servers, hosts, containers, and serverless environments
 should conduct real-time performance monitoring for flawless application performance in public, private, or multi-cloud environments.
should automatically analyzes metrics
analyze data across the entire stack and get detailed visualizations
Licensing – should be licensed for minimum 10 hosts
– should support minimum of 200 GB of monthly data
– minimum 30 days of data extension
10 Subscription 1 Years of Subscription for license
11 Support 1 Years Manufacturer Warranty for service, update, upgrade from OEM with 24x7x365 support for all components of the proposed solutions including updates and patches as well as technical support


The application letter with updates C.V and proposed budget sheet for the assignment should be submitted preferably on or before 22nd February, 2023 during office hour, to FWLD’s office.

Contact Information

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Contact No: 977-1-5333525 l 1-5333524 l 1-5366415

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