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Child Rights

The term “child rights” simply means “rights for children.” Their overall development is contingent upon such rights. The nation-builders of tomorrow are the children of today. As a result of this realization, Nepal has set aside various rights for children.

Child rights have been incorporated as fundamental rights by the Constitution of Nepal. The right to survival, development, protection and participation are crucial and thus have been guaranteed by the constitution. Likewise, to implement this fundamental right, following laws are implemented;

  1. The Act relating to the Children, 2018
  2. The Children’s Regulation, 2022
  3. Child Labor (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 2000
  4. National (Muluki) Civil Code, 2017
  5. National ID and Civil Registration Act, 2019
  6. National ID and Civil Registration Regulation, 2020
  7. Domestic Violence (Offense and Punishment) Act, 2009

Nepal has also ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child, 1989 (CRC) which provides a list of every child’s civic, political, economic, social, and cultural rights, irrespective of their color, religion, or ability.

Since its foundation, the Forum for Women, Law, and Development (FWLD) has been working towards enhancing children’s access to justice and protection through a variety of public awareness campaigns, legal advocacy, and advocacy for reviews of child protection laws and their effective implementation. It has been regularly collaborating with the relevant stakeholders to advocate on the need of reviewing the laws related to child protection. With the assistance of UNICEF Nepal, FWLD has been drawing together a number of advocacy projects and offering legal assistance in the area of child protection and rights of children.