FWLD - Working for Non-Discrimination and Equality

Our Alliances

FWLD works in close coordination with a number of networks and alliances in order to promote and protect human rights in Nepal. The alliances were formed to unite the efforts of the civil society organizations and also to ensure the participation of all the stakeholders in the process.

Civil Society Network of Citizenship Rights

Strategic Planning Meeting Regarding Citizenship Rights in the forthcoming constitution

Strategic Planning Meeting Regarding Citizenship Rights in the forthcoming constitution

This network was formed during the 1st Constituent Assembly in order to advocate equal citizenship rights in the new constitution. The network then devised strategies to fulfill the objective and also engaged in a series of street campaigns and lobbying with individual CA members. There are more than 50 organizations in this Network. FWLD is the Secretariat of the Network.

Reproductive Health Right Working Group (RHRWG)

This informal group was formed with organizations working in the sector of reproductive health right. This group comprises of National Women Commission, FWLD. CREHPA, FPAN, Beyong Beijing Committee (BBC), Kathmandu School of Law (KSL), Nepal Disable Women Organization, Sunaulo Pariwar Nepal, Marie Stopes International, IPAS and Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR). The group jointly published IEC materials and also engaged advocating reproductive health right of women in the new constitution. The group since its formation has been advocating and lobbying for legislations on women’s reproductive health right, in particular abortion and safe motherhood.

CEDAW Shadow Report Preparation Committee (SRPC) Nepal

FWLD has been coordinating the CEDAW Shadow Report Preparation Committee since the first submission. This Committee consists of a diverse group of organizations working in different issues of rights of women namely Shtri Shakti, FEDO, Saathi, Pourakhi Nepal, Didibahini, Beyond Beijing Committee, Media Advocacy Group, Center for Social Development, Tewa, Action Works Nepal, CAC Nepal, Maiti Nepal, 1325 Action Group, Sancharika Samuha, Sankalpa, WHR, IHRICON, AATWIN, CWIN, Women for Social Development, CWAD, NFCC, LACC, WOREC, ABC Nepal, Nepal Muslim Women Welfare Society, Nepal Disabled Women Association, Alliance for Social Dialogue, Jagaran Nepal and Civil Society Network on Citizenship Rights.

Human Rights Treaty Monitoring Coordination Committee (HRTMCC)

HRTMCC comprises of organizations that are involved in the shadow/alternate or NGO report preparation process. FWLD is the Chair of the CEDAW Shadow Report Preparation Committee and thus coordinates the process of preparing the CEDAW Shadow Report with the other organizations.

Youth Network of Civil Society Organizations


Formation Meeting of the Youth Network

The Youth Network comprises of young human rights activists and officers engaged in different civil society organizations. This Network advocates and organizes campaigns in human rights issues. More than 50 youths of different organizations are members of this Network. FWLD is the Secretariat of the Network.

Network of Persons Affected by the Citizenship Law

Network of persons affected by Citizenship meeting in April 2016

Network of persons affected by Citizenship meeting in April 2016

This is a network formed by FWLD that comprises of persons affected by the citizenship law. These are group of people who have not been able to confer or acquire the citizenship certificate of Nepal. The Coordinator of this group is Ms. Deepti Gurung and the Joint Coordinator is Mr. Arjun Kumar Sah.

Core Group of Women’s Organization on Post-Disaster Humanitarian Response and Disaster Risk Reduction

This is a group comprising of Jagaran Nepal, Home Net South Asia, Beyond Beijing Committee (BBC), Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO), Media Advocacy Group (MAG), Women for Human Rights – Single Women’s Group (WHR), FWLD and Saathi. This group works with the government and other concerned stakeholders on the relief and response after disaster, and reducing the risk of such disasters.

1325 Action Group

1325 Action Group had prepared the National Action Plan on UN Security Council Resolution 1325 and are now currently reviewing the National Action Plan. FWLD is a member of the Group and SAATHI is the Secretariat.

National Network Against Domestic Violence

This Network works in the sector of domestic violence. The Network has a seven member where FWLD is also a member and SAATHI is the Secretariat.